The Landing Page is a useful tool when trying to increase traffic and generate conversions.

The basic premise of a landing page is to complement an advert or link found elsewhere on the internet. A successful landing page should act as the next, natural progression of explanation. First, the advert grabs your attention, then the landing page is there to give a more detailed and persuasive argument, that could potentially lead to a sale.

A homepage is different to an SEO landing page. Normally the average homepage will consist of 300-500 words, it will contain many links and the main reason of this page is to welcome you into the site and encourage you to explore more. The main reasoning behind an SEO landing page though, is to sell either a product or service. These pages are much more keyword dense and most probably contain double the word count of a standard homepage.

Landing Pages have great potential to increase a websites conversion rates and will ensure you make the most out of your online advert campaign. It is not uncommon to find elaborate ads linking back to a business’s homepage. On the whole this is bad practice as most homepages aren’t sufficiently geared up to maximise conversion rates. It will simply leave the advert clicker wandering ‘Where now?’

Think of an SEO Landing Page as a chance to give a really in-depth sales pitch. Provide detailed information, graphics, resources and images
. Don’t go too overboard, but bear in mind people prefer more information when considering a purchase. This strategy is a great for any Company Branding or Business Promotion.

A good structure to work from is the old fashioned sales patter technique which can be broken up into five different stages:

• The Promise of something valuable
• The Picture of the customer much better off with the new product or service
• The Proof of this through testimonials or hard evidence
• The Push to buy now
• And the Final offer, with absolutely everything explained so it’s as clear as day

These stages are pretty self explanatory and will help provide the leverage required to improve your conversion rate and hopefully, profit.

The Landing Page is not complete without at least one clear and prominent call to action. The purpose of this landing page it to generate a conversion so you MUST ensure you extinguish any customer doubt and provide a simple and logical reason to act now.

The steps above will help an SEO Landing Page to attract and maintain interest; then hopefully convert the sale.

A well written and structured SEO landing page is one of the most overlooked and valuable SEO Services around today.