This Search Engine Optimisation Lesson is number three out of five and focuses on the different factors that make up a successful on page SEO campaign.
The Breadcrumb trail and Heading tags are a crucial element of on page SEO. Both elements form the strong basics of good SEO practice.

Breadcrumb Trail

The breadcrumb trail is of particular SEO value and will also benefit user navigation throughout your site and enhance page structure. This trail must be one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. Many sites neglect this powerful SEO tool, but when implemented correctly can be of great Search Engine Optimisation significance. The breadcrumb trail will serve your website in the following way:

Home Page >> Section Name >> Category name >> Page name – Page description

The guillemot symbol, also called angle quotes, separate each section of your site acting as a set of markers on a route of travel into your website. To write ‘>>’ correctly in HTML code you need to write »

Each marker on the breadcrumb trail apart from the last, which represents the page you’re currently on are all links. On page SEO and site navigation is vastly improved with the implantation of breadcrumb trails. Make sure you take advantage of these for SEO purposes:

• Breadcrumb trails will reinforce the navigational structure of your site, evenly distributing page rank throughout all pages
• Trails are generally the first text that appears at the head of a page and therefore hold great SEO importance.
• Keyword rich internal links is an important and beneficial by product of implementing breadcrumb trails.

Heading Tags

It is very important to make use of heading tags as they carry a lot of SEO weight. Heading tags are probably the second most important SEO element after page titles.
The heading tags are twice more important than your main content for a page. Ensure your heading tags are keyword rich and specific to the page. Do not just use H1 tags but make use of the H2 and H3, although the latter two tags do not carry as much weight they are still good on page SEO practice.

Try not to use any more than five to seven heading tags on a single page
. The overuse of tags may dilute the content somewhat. They are a great method of breaking up your content and helping the reader gauge the importance levels of your on page text.

The above points are two very important elements of on page SEO and will stand you in good stead for your overall Search Engine Optimisation Campaign.