The world of SEO is constantly changing and at times the sheer amount of online Search Engine Optimisation advice out there can be quite daunting. By setting aside a couple of hours to research online you may find yourself reading some rather conflicting advice.

A thirst for knowledge in a rapidly evolving market such as SEO is crucial, but, as equally important is the ability to siphon through all the information to find the really valuable data.

SEO Tools

There are currently many great SEO resources available online. The only trick is trying to find them and especially the ones that offer the same service for free. The following content will look at some good ports of call for useful and up to date Search Engine Optimisation related issues. This includes: useful tools, learning hubs, software and interesting websites

Useful SEO Resources
This website is a veritable wealth of information. It includes some very neat tools and add-ons to enhance your SEO view. The site offers free training programmes, help videos, a forum, interesting blog and lots of up to date articles all relating to SEO, and how to improve and grow your website.
A great learning resource with plenty interactivity and user engagement. This site will take you through step by step training with quiz’s and a certificate to aim for in SEO proficiency. Great user interface and laid out in a straight forward and clear manner. Bruce Clay is known for being quite the authority in the SEO world. All the information you will find here is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. At times could be easy to get bogged down in all the information. This site offers tools, training, services, relationship charts, latest news, blog and videos. lot of in-depth and up to date Search Engine Optimisation articles here. A great deal of information to process but some seriously good data.

SEO Auditing Software and report generation is a great and nifty piece of online SEO auditing software. Quite simply input your website url, your email, click and you’re away. Website grader will provide you with a free and in-depth analysis of the SEO performance of any given site. This is very insightful and will keep you on the straight and narrow of SEO excellence. - another useful online SEO audit system. The free Optimisation report covers some key areas including Keyword density, keyword focus, markup checkup, bot browser, spell checker and alt text checker. For the more in-depth service you have to sign up for a monthly subscription but the free report is very enlightening. . Microsoft surprisingly offer a decent free tool for finding mistakes within your website. This service will give your site a through SEO scan and will be sure to flag up some warnings, errors and advice on how to fix them.

Keyword Analysis and SEO Analysis – offer various useful free seo tools to help track keywords, your ranking history, competitor analysis, downloadable reports and interesting services, a blog and forum. All you have to do is to sign up for free. - This SEO website offer free analysis software and various different seo analysis tools. The free option will gain you a report on up to 10 pages crawled, after that you will need to pay. – Last but not least, SEMrush was designed by the developers of SeoDigger and SeoQuake for Google organic and Adwords keywords research. (The last two services are also worth checking out, especially SeoQuake.) A great deal of information and useful seo tools available to help maximise your search engine optimisation standard. Free services available up to a point.

The free services Google provide mustn’t be forgotten either as they provide some great free tools including: Analytics, Google Adwords and a huge resource of information.

The information above is by no means a complete list of all the services are out there but will definitely set you off down the right track towards Search Engine Optimisation excellence.