A good method of improving your website’s reputation and search engine standing is to invest some time into building links to your site. The most important type of links are those which link to your website but do not require a link back. Search engine’s look upon these type of links favourably and attribute a higher status to the quantity of these links your website has. These type of links are known as one way links or inlinks.

When your website is crawled by search engine bots, they will calculate how much worth is attributed to each link. If the link in question is from a highly reputable website with a decent page rank it will carry more weight. A key point to remember when trying to gain links back to your site is that quality far out performs quantity. Links from high ranking pages are worth considerably more than links off minor sites, so build this strategy into your SEO Services.

The following advice will set you on the right track to grow your sites’ inlinks. The process of link building is an integral part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
The more links you build the more highly regarded your website will be by the search engines. A website with a good reputation will feature high in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Consider the following:

• Article writing: This is a great way to increase links. By submitting articles to article directories such as Ezines you trade your content for decent page ranking links. If readers like your content and want to publish it on their website they can, but they are obliged to keep your link with the article.

• Forums: Participating with online forums is another good method of building links back to your site. Most forums will allow you to add a signature box. Within this box you should add a link pointing back at your website. The more you converse with people the more links you will create. Try and post interesting and relevant comments to ensure you are well regarded and this will also increase the chances of people clicking on your link.

Blog Comments: Pretty much all blogs have comment boxes available at the bottom of each post. When making a comment you will normally be allowed to provide a link. Like with forum posts, make attention grabbing comments to improve the chances of a click.

• Testimonials: Perhaps a recent product you have bought or a holiday you went on. Give your thoughts and in return you will be provided with a link back to your site. Once again the same applies as the two entries above, appealing and worthy content will ensure your link gets more exposure.

When carrying out these activities keep an eye out for high ranking article directories, forums and blogs. Remember the point made earlier that quality of links far out performs quantity.

This information will help you improve your websites ranking in the eyes of the Search engines. Best of luck promoting your website.