This collection of articles focus on the area of: on page SEO. This article is lesson five out of five and covers the topic of links, both internal and outbound.

Links are what makes the internet so accessible. Internal links include all connections within a website. The more keyword rich internal links there are, the better for SEO. Outbound links are links from your website to another website or web-page. The visitor generally has to leave your website to follow an outbound link.

On Page SEO - Internal Links

The art of internal linking is often overlooked and not taken full advantage of. Internal links with good anchor text hold good SEO value. However you decide to layout your web page is up to you but still after so many years of the internet the old system of split-menu navigation rules strong.
When dealing the navigational elements of your pages, always ensure you use navigational elements and not images. These days there is no excuse for missing the opportunity of further keyword rich anchor text within the navigation of the website.
In-context links are the links that appear within the main body of your content. Try to link keywords and key phrases to maximise SEO effectiveness. A wide selection of internal links is advised. Consider having a feedback form, favourite link, twitter and facebook links to help you gain better understanding of how users perceive your pages.

On Page SEO – Outbound Links

Depending on the search engine, certain criteria regarding the number of outbound links effect how a website’s importance or page rank is determined. Google as the major player within search engine authority takes this approach. Google look at the amount of websites linking to your website as a measure of importance. The page ranking of these outbound links are also taken into account and calculated accordingly. Less links from higher ranked pages will be needed to boost your website rank.
The more Outbound links you can get the better, here are a few pointers to help your SEO:

• Join relevant forums and add a signature with a link back to your site.
• Create a Blog and link back to your main website
Write articles and submit these to Article repositories, you will receive links in payment for your writing.
• Add comments to other peoples Blogs, this will normally give a link back to your site.

It is recommended that if you are going to link out from your website that you choose highly regarded websites that have a high page rank and share the similar field you are involved with. Avoid links onto so called ‘money pages’

Both Internal and Outbound links are great ways to give your On page SEO campaign a real boost.