How Will Recent Google Penguin Updates Affect Methods of Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation
Google's most recent algorithm update referred to as the Google Penguin seem to have made the scores even, which proves to be an advantage to minor sites. Prior to Penguin, a lot of websites dominated the SERPs for stuffing articles with keywords, participating in negative link building schemes, and creating duplicate contents among other practices that violate the guidelines set forth by Google. By launching the Penguin, Google turns the table, and allows sites that used to get overlooked for being natural to rank on top. Although other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN remains as is, Google still has the final say when it comes to search engine optimisation. But unless you do not need visibility for your website, Google won't matter.

To Look Natural is the Key

Keywords are used to increase the relevance of web content. Before Penguin, stuffing an article with keywords in the title tag, subtitles, paragraphs, meta keywords and side bars, helped it rank no. 1 in Google. By this habit, SEO services tend to sacrifice content quality over SERP performance.

The internet is a portal for disseminating information to the target audience, and this purpose is taken for granted due to the desire to beat other websites in the search engine lists. Google Penguin aims to make contents appear as natural as possible for better understanding by readers.

It is recommended that web contents have a keyword density of less than 5% as more than this will send a red signal to Google.

How to Create Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites. It makes use of anchor texts to direct users to the page or site you wish them to view. Backlinks are now limited to related sites only. Before, it is possible to link any other site by using a click here, see mywebsite dot com and other similar anchor texts.

This will not work anymore, and Penguin will only put you further in the SERPs if you will insist on doing so. All sentences have to appear natural, and the anchor texts should be relevant to the landing page. Thus, if your article is about making quality contents, you cannot add impertinent sentences to it and use them as anchor texts.

Avoid Duplicate Contents

If you are thinking about reproducing contents to increase visibility of your website, you can get penalized by Penguin. When Google detects duplicate contents, it selects the most original before displaying the search results. Thus, if yours is a copied content, it can get kicked out of the SERP.

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Written by Rob Playford
Rob Playford is the Creative Director and co-founder of Total SEO Services, an innovative online SEO Services Company. Total SEO Services provide all the necessary tools for effective Company Branding, powerful Search Engine Optimisation and extensive Web Development skills to ensure online business growth.

Rob is also the co-founder of Web Branding, another web based company dealing with Business Branding and Website Design.

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Branding software – An Efficient way to keep your brand consistent online

For most companies our websites have become the heart of our brand, it can be easily monitored by everyone at a company to make sure a brand is being delivered consistently. This is relatively easy to keep it updated with the current brand style and use it as a template to base all printed material on.

However, for most businesses your website is not the main way your customers interact with your brand.
All the physical representations of a brand are the ones that are going to stay with them and these elements of your brand are harder to keep control of and keep consistent.

As companies grow it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor everything that is distributed as more things are taken care of independently by different departments of your company.  This can lead to a really fragmented brand that is less able to maintain customer loyalty and the other advantages a strong brand can offer.

One solution to this is to implement a branding software package. Branding software is an easy way to recentralize all your branding efforts.  First you have a designer create and provide templates for the various documents you are likely to need, stock images, fonts, style guides and any other branding tools. 
Then you create an online database to store all this information.

Putting all this information in an online database means that you can grant access to it to anyone in the world, meaning that every arm of your company has access to this information to easily create documents by filling in templates.

As companies grow, a large number of branding tools will amass.  Branding software is designed to make it very simple to find the information you need by the way it is filed within a searchable database.  Customizable interfaces make this even simpler by only allowing individual users to resources they are likely to need.  This means there is no risk of information over load as well as reducing the risk that confidential documents could be seen by the wrong person.

Communication is a critical part of any branding effort but can be hard to maintain as companies grow.  More sophisticated branding software includes its own communication systems.  More advanced than email, these systems usually look more like internal social networking programs. 

This makes it easy to search profiles of other members of the company making it simple to know who needs to be included in certain conversations.  These conversations can then be monitored by those driving the brands.

Any documents produced can then easily be approved centrally and sent directly to the printers through web 2 print.  Speeding up the approval process like this means there is no reason not to have things approved centrally.

Your brand is about more than just your website, so make sure you keep control of it and keep it consistent, a consistent brand is a strong brand.

Many thanks to Ewan Cambell MacDougall for this Guest Post

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Social Media Explained via the Donut Theory!

Web Branding's 3rd Interview welcomes Tom from Steel Ink Design in Sheffield

We say hello to Tom Merrill the founder of Steel Ink Design, a graphic design company based in Sheffield. This is the 3rd interview of the Web Branding Series, 2011.

Firstly Tom, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

No problem.

From checking out your website and your facebook page I can see you have a great collection of work. What work have you undertaken in the past that you would say best demonstrates what Steel Ink Design is all about?

I recently completed some work for a Sheffield based events company. They’re always on the look out for the next big thing in the promotion world in order to effectively reach their target audience. So I created a very simple flyer that contained nothing but a QR code. The whole concept was based around the idea of intrigue getting the better of you. The flyers were strategically placed around locations where they knew their target audience ‘hung out’ to entice them into scanning the code.If you want to find out who the company is, well, you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for one of the flyers and scan the QR code yourself!

I understand that you’ve recently set up your own business, Steel Ink Design. What advice would you give to any of our readers out there that are thinking about going alone? Any tips for getting motivated, inspired, creative?

I think it’s important to build up a library of design books and example work that you admire. There are always times when I’m working on a project and it seems as though it’s not progressing at all. I look through design books, get ideas, and see how other designers tackled similar issues. Then I go back to the work another time (I often leave projects 24 hours before looking at them again) and it almost seems blindingly obvious as to what I need to do after a break from thinking about it. Suddenly everything becomes clear and makes sense.

Whilst in the process of setting the company up, I found SENTA, the Sheffield Enterprise Agency to be invaluable. They’re a completely free government funded organisation. I received a lot of useful business support from the Sheffield Enterprise Agency, support that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to me. I’d recommend joining SENTA to anyone who is thinking of starting his or her own business in Sheffield.

I see from your website that you’re a freelance graphic designer and a landscape architect. Is there much cross over between these two jobs and would you like to combine the two in the future?

I trained at university as a landscape architect, but during that time I found that my passion lies within graphic design. Landscape Architecture is extremely important in terms of how we shape our environment but often the work produced in this discipline is poorly presented. Funding for landscape projects often lies on the landscape architects presentation to the client, and so the way in which their ideas are portrayed graphically is hugely important. So yes, I believe there is a strong crossover between the two disciplines and one that is often not fully exploited.

We see you’re also based in this great city of Sheffield, do you see Sheffield as a pioneer city for all things creative? Like for instance the new brand ‘Designed in Sheffield’ which hopes to bring more creative jobs into the area.

I think Sheffield is a great place for all kinds design, especially with its rich steel heritage. I know a lot of different creative’s based in Sheffield and they all enjoy working here. The thing that I love about Sheffield is the fact that it’s got everything a big city should have, as well as being so close to the peak district. It’s perfect for encouraging all kinds of different and varied design.

I can see you’ve spent some time working on the interior design of a nightclub in Sheffield, please tell us some more about this.

I’ve always loved music and clubbing and the electric atmosphere that comes with it, so it was a real honour for me when I was approached by the legendary Sheffield nightclub called Niche to be part of their ‘rebirth’ in 2009 after nearly five years since the original venue closed. I was always aware of the immense pressure to deliver on this particular project;the club had such a strong following within the city, and indeed the rest of the UK. Over the previous 20 years or so, it had become somewhat of a musical phenomenon leading the way at the forefront of one of the UK’s biggest underground music scenes. It even received a gold disc for sales in excess of 100,000 copies of both the ‘Ministry of Sound and Niche present The Sound of Bassline’ albums, so the pressure was on!

The main room was designed to have a distinctly underground and dark feel, yet still retain a fresh and exciting vibe to bring Niche firmly into the modern era. It was extremely important that this room set the right image for a venue that would play host to the fast moving and ever changing face of the underground music scene that Niche was so famous for creating. The second room was designed around the idea of an ‘original Niche replica’. It was to host Niche anthems and original speed garage classics so it was important that it reflected many of the memorable qualities of the original Niche all-nighter venue. I worked closely with the people behind the Niche brand, often visiting the original building on Sidney Street to get a taste of the true intrinsic underground value of the venue that made it what it was. I was there on the opening night and the feedback from the clubbers was amazing, many of them saying that ‘they were back home’. That made all the hard work worthwhile.

Do you have any little pearls of wisdom from the design world that might help our audience? Neat websites, shortcuts, helpful software etc.

I think that the most important thing that any designer can do is to keep your eyes open. Design is everywhere and you should try to look at the detail in everyday items. Try to analyse everyday objects that have obviously been designed by someone. There are good and bad examples everywhere of design everywhere and understanding the difference between these is extremely important.

What would be your dream project for Steel Ink Design to land? Re-designing the 2012 Olympics logo springs to mind! Absolutely anything!

Right now while Steel Ink Design is still relatively young, I think rather than an individual project, it would be great to be able to collaborate on a project with some of the designers that inspire me. If I were to have to pick one, at the moment it would be Matt Pyke of Universal Everything. I’ve been inspired by some of the work that he’s created recently, and I admire the way that he works. I think that everyone can learn something from working with other like-minded designers.

What do you see as the next big thing around the corner in the world of graphic design?

I thinkiPads(and other similar tablets) will start to play a bigger role in everyday life. Not just for the graphic designer and the way in which a designer works on projects, but also in the way that information and design is delivered to users. I don’t think they’re quite there yet in terms of taking over, but they’re starting the advance quickly. I can see them eventually replacing laptops as an all in one computer. So for me, it’s very important to start thinking about how graphic design projects can make use of new technology to effectively reach and make a greater impact on the end user.

Finally, many thanks for being part of our 2011 interview series, if you have any final thoughts, plugs, links etc. please feel free…

Thanks for interviewing me. You can have a look at my latest work on my website and social networking pages.

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Web Branding Website Competition WINNER

Congratulations are in order for Nicola Shipley who came out as the winner in the Web Branding Website Design Competition.

Many thanks for all the entries. It went down to the public vote and after we had recieved nearly 500 votes, Nicola's design for the Peakford Ford Owners Group came out on top.

Well Done to all out Competitors..

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