Search Engine Optimisation and Good Web Design is Key for a Successful Website and Business

In our modern world the internet is becoming a more and more important business tool.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process of improving ranking in search engine results which is an essential part of a modern day successful website and business.

In most cases today peoples' first impression of a company will be by checking out their website.

As it stands at the moment, 80% of all internet traffic stems from Search Engines.

A good first impression is vital but that impression is somewhat lost if no one is able to find your well designed web page creation!

Here a simple shop metaphor helps. You've ploughed all your money into decorating your shop with all the fancy extras imaginable but your shop is located miles from the nearest civilisation. Not Good! An increase in website traffic is what's needed. This will no doubt benefit any company, just as your shop would benefit from more visitors through the door. Simply put, SEO is the valuable tool that will get your business more custom.

A good source of information about Search Engine Optimisation is David Viney's book 'Get to the Top on Google' It looks at how to get established within the world of SEO and how it can work to help boost internet marketing. David Viney's book is an invaluable source of information, and will help open your eyes to the potential of SEO for Web Branding.

To compete with large and well established companies you need to make the most out of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a great source of free advertising on the internet.

  • A good plan of action is to try and get into your potential customers' minds. Think about what your customers will be typing into a search engine to try and find your website.

What would they be searching for online if they wanted to find a web design company or even just someone to provide designs for business cards?

A list of commonly used search phrases such as: web design company, web design, affordable website design, should be compiled. Once you have a decent list of potential search terms or keywords look into analysing each term. Gauge which has the most potential and is the most popular searched terms for a given period.

Work out Keyword Potential by analysing the amount of:

  • Monthly searches,
  • The Raw competition
  • Websites who are directly competing with you (ie. Websites which included that certain phrase)

You will then be able to gauge the Keyword Opportunity Index.

This in turn will enable you to handpick the most beneficial phrases to liberally sprinkle throughout your website, title bars, headers and content.

Over time this theory will help propel your website up the Google listing mountain and have your site appear high in the search rankings. So when for example, for a website design company, the next customer who types in website design packages or a similar phrase will successfully find your company

It does require a lot of work, and patience is key, but putting in the groundwork in the early stages of a new business development will pay tenfold further down the road.


  • Do your research, especially when SEO's involved
  • Be patient! SEO takes time, not 'sitting and waiting' time but time spent constantly reviewing and updating your campaign
  • Creating a strong foundation for your business in the early stages will help promote growth.
  • Good communication is key when bringing different skill sets together

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The Best Brands in Sheffield 2010


The Best Brands in Sheffield 2010 is brought to you by Web Branding

This article is an introduction to the much awaited ‘Top 30 Brands in Sheffield, 2010’

The competition was open to Businesses, Local Authorities and any organisation with a significant branding presence in the city. Over 100 local brands have been judged. All organisations are scored on a number of areas including Web Presence, Brand Recognition, Year Established and Brand Design. 

Sheffield  has undergone a major rebranding overhaul over the years.

Brands matter because they’re what people base their decisions on.
Decisions about who to do business with and what to invest in
Brand is the interface between product and consumer.

Brand is substance and feeling.

Brand is reality and a story.

Brand is truth and imagination.

Brand is fact and impression.

The process of re-branding Sheffield has broadened its appeal which challenges the conventional image of Sheffield as ‘City of Steel’ whilst preserving its distinctiveness and the ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand. This brand can be capitalised upon by all businesses in the Sheffield City Region area as long as they meet certain quality criteria.

An up and coming similar brand for Sheffield is the ‘Designed in Sheffield’ this hopes to recognise and acknowledge the importance of design work in the city.Branding interventions made to improve the attractiveness of Sheffield as a destination have greatly increased its appeal as a destination.

Today, Sheffield has a much stronger brand and identity, built on its unique history and character. The city’s character is emerging as multi-dimensional with creative industries contributing to its identity and promotion nationwide.
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