Twitter is an effective and useful business tool. It’s a great way to communicate with current and potential customers on a very personal level. In the past businesses would speak to their customers through large marketing campaigns using mediums such as billboards and tv advertisements. These techniques rely on the more direct hard sell. This non-personal approach is slowly dying out and making way for the age of social media and web branding.

The one on one conversation between the large company, and the individual customer can be seen as making a come back. More large and well established businesses are getting a team together solely to deal with their social media and web branding campaigns, especially with Twitter and Facebook.

The challenge of setting up your own effective Twitter campaign is being able to define clear and achievable goals. Spend time getting to the bottom of what results you want from your campaign, who’s your main target, do you have a basic protocol for your business to adhere to? By asking questions such as this you will quickly build up a more accurate picture of where you need to be going and how you plan to get there.

Start your campaign by searching for other Twitter users who share similar interests, are located nearby or who are in your business industry. Many people new to Twitter can’t see the benefit of posting a 140 character message, but there’s far more than meets the eye. Following interesting and knowledgeable people is a huge part about what your Twitter campaign should be about. Stay up to date with the top leaders and thinkers in today’s world. They say ‘Success breeds Success’ so it makes sense to get in the mind set of those people.

Twitter is able to offer your business many opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere.

Business press-releases and company announcements have immediacy and will reach a wide audience if your Twitter campaign is correctly implemented. Business web branding will see a noticeable improvement. It will take a number of months to build up a decent amount of followers but it’s worth the wait.

A handy tip for getting more followers is very simple. Post unique, interesting and amusing information on a regular basis and you will soon see a noticeable increase in your followers.

Good variation of content is a must for any successful campaign. For instance don’t just link to your blog. Disperse your links throughout all your digital assets, this will improve your web branding presence. These may include special offers on your website, photos on Flickr, Videos on YouTube, articles on Ezine, groups on Facebook, forum posts and a whole host of other content you may have online already.

One final point, always remember to smile and tweet! no one likes the moaning and negative Tweets.