Internet Marketing is slowly becoming an integral part of any 21st Century business. Back in the 1990’s many businesses could prosper without having any online presence. Times have certainly changed and the rapid rate of technology evolution means that a business of today can absolutely not afford to have an online presence.

A clear and well defined Internet Marketing Strategy is crucial for business success. The five tips covered below will help to improve your internet marketing and help drive your business forward online.

1. Embrace Social Media – It may seem that social media has no place within the world of business and is purely for keeping in contact with friends but this simply is not true. A business must not under-estimate the potential of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Spark up conversations online and join the discussion, have an opinion and be interesting. Long gone are the days of the big businesses not communicating with their customers. Forums are also great places to spread the word about your services or products. Social Media is a must for Internet Marketing.

2. Get Blogging and Creating Copy – The key to a good blog is quality content. Write about your areas of expertise and always ensure you’re using the most up to date information out there. An important internet marketing tip to remember is that the articles you write for your blog have great internet marketing potential. Post articles to online article submission sites, press-release sites, other peoples blogs, forums, twitter, facebook and anywhere else that would welcome a well written article. Make that article work for you and ensure all copies have a link back to your website.

3. The Infamous SEO – Search Engine Optimisation should definitely not to be over-looked. SEO forms the back-bone of all Internet Marketing. Ensure your website is clear, user friendly and is well optimised. Choose your Keywords well, carry out analysis with Google Adwords Keyword tool and generously spread them throughout all pages and articles. Review your Keyword throughout the year to ensure they are the best for your internet marketing campaign.

4. Main Website – Your website must give a great first impression because all your internet marketing efforts will lead back here. It is important to have a clear and memorable site. Ensure your website has a user friendly interface and will engage your audience. Take advantage of features such as videos, polls, learning resources, quiz’s, social media button for users to share your information, comment areas and any other form of interactively which will benefit the user experience. All these features will improve your internet marketing influence.

5. Online Advertising –A major part of any marketing campaign comes down to building brand awareness. Very often a good method is through advertising. It is worthwhile looking at implementing banner ads. The click through rates are not the best but they will gain you more visibility. Think about the environment you place your adverts. If users like the environment they’re are more likely to like the adverts. Facebook ads and the new promoted Tweets and both good examples of this.

To Improve your Internet Marketing, regularly evaluate your marketing campaign to allow for growth and change.