Stage 1 - Initial Research

The previous article within this collection focused on how the implementation of a Search Engine Marketing Campaign will help improve traffic levels and increase web reputation.

When starting an SEO campaign it is very important to get in the habit of recording all possible starting data. This will help provide an initial benchmark to work from. Without this primary data it will be difficult to measure your progress.

• First off, you will need to decide what are going to be your key measuring factors. These should definitely include monthly traffic rates, number of unique visitors and number of page views, amongst others.

• Set out realistic and achievable goals at periodic times throughout the year.

• Out of the readings you decide to measure make sure an appropriate amount of weight is given to each variable. For instance your total number of visitors will be more important than how many times a specific page has been seen.

• At each decided monthly interval you should take stock of the analytic data for that period and if the set goal has been met successfully, raise the bar accordingly for the next period.

Keeping a consistent measure of your SEO work will help you grow our campaigns. The collection of data will allow you to predict future trends and also learn from past results. The world of SEO is continually changing and to ensure you say top of the game you must grow and evolve in response to changes.

Include the following measuring factors when taking a more in depth look at your SEO campaign:

• Organic Search Traffic from various search engines. Focus on the top few keywords.

• By using tools such as Google Adwords you will be able to work out which keywords are performing best and search out any new words of interest.

• Check which parts of your website are most popular by checking your analytic reports. Also make a note of parts of the site that are not getting visited. Make changes accordingly.

• Conversion rates can be monitored within the analytics reports. This service is good for tracking any goals that may have been set.

• Check how often your website is being crawled. This will help give you an idea of how much attention search engines are paying your website.

The key point of this article is to drive home the point that is you don’t have any valuable data you will have nothing to make comparisons and no way to improve upon the past. Without past records of measurement to draw from, SEO improvements cannot be made.