SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
Search Engine Optimisation will ensure your business growth and prosperity. When preparing your SEO campaign you may want to consider the following guidelines:

Carry out initial SEO measurements. Without these you will have nothing to measure progress by.

It is important to set out clear and measurable statistics at the start of any campaign.

• Look at current traffic amounts over past months to draw an average. This rate of traffic will form a clear starting point to build future goals upon.
• Analyse how the website in question is currently performing for the most popular keywords and phrases. Take stock of all performers good and bad; this will help provide insight to work out the best strategy moving forward. Try to include all major search engine results, as these will invariably show different search engine positions.

Spend time researching which keywords are most effective and take a close look at your competitors

An in-depth analysis of all potential keywords will take time but is essential. The more time spent during this research stage the better. The more information acquired during this primary stage will prove fruitful in the coming months.

Keyword analysis and Keyword Discovery should be seen as the backbone to any SEO campaign and will help lay the foundations to a successful campaign.
• Study who holds the top spots within the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and find out which keywords and Meta data they are using. This research will help highlight potential niche areas that your competitors may have overlooked.

Setup the tools necessary for ongoing analysis of the website such as Google Analytics

• Gain monthly reports highlighting your traffic flow, amount of unique visitors, number of average page views and much more. Analytics will allow you to create custom reports to ensure you focus on the most important data.
• Ensure you have submitted an up to date sitemap to all the top search engines. Each will require a slightly different format but this can be added by using the providers web master tools.
• Ongoing analysis is essential to measure your SEO progress and to report back to you client.

Other SEO Services startertips to get you up and running:

• There are numerous free and paid directories that you should register with to help establish your website. It is worth also considering the paid options as this will help create some useful links back to your site which will boost your online reputation.
• Ensure all your titles, headings and Meta data are keyword rich so you will appear high in the SERP
• Submission of Articles to the many available Article Directories is a good method of gaining valuable links back to your site and earning your respect within your industry.