Guest Blogging to Increase Links

Can you create original quality content that will be of value to other internet users?
Do you have a blog or website that you want to make more popular?

If you can answer yes to both preceding questions then you will be able to start taking advantage of the art of guest blogging.

There are many blogs and websites out there that avidly search for outside content contributors. If the area of your expertise matches with their content, there is a good chance that they will accept your articles. In return for your content, you will receive links pointing back at your URL of choice.

Stage 1 – Credibility

To convince someone you are worthy to guest blog for them you will have to demonstrate, not only that you can create quality content but also that it is of relevance to their site. First you need to build up an archive of well written articles specific to that genre. Once this is in place you are ready to move to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Research

Know exactly what areas you are going to focus on. The focus of your article archive should demonstrate this. Take advantage of applying category tags to all work you write. Create a list of the keywords that will benefit your site most. These will be used as anchor text links in the content that you submit for consideration. Take time to research using the Google Keyword Tool. This will help you find which are the most popular phrases being used.

Stage 3 – Locating Suitable Blogs/ Websites

By using Google to search using query variations you will be able to locate suitable blogs or websites that are on the lookout for your specific genre of writing.

“submit post” + “your specific keyword”
“write for us” + “another relevant keyword”
“write for our website” + “another keyword”

Continue this searching process until you have a list of potential blogs or websites to approach.

Now search through your potential list and narrow your search down further by looking for the following:

• Do they allow links?
• Check whether the links are ‘rel= “nofollow” is they are take them off your list.
• Is the content relevant to your site? If not remove.

Another great way to find blogs willing to post guest blogs or vise versa, then look no further than:
My Blog Guest this is a community to aid both bloggers and blog owners, definitely worth checking out.

Stage 4 – Creating Quality Content

Now is the time to create some unique, relevant and interesting posts. Remember the following points:

• Ensure good grammar and spelling. Write a first draft in a word processing program.
• Well structured articles look better and read better. Make use of font styles.
• Use images if possible. They will add more interest and better explain certain points.
• Use a single keyword rich anchor link pointing at your URL of choice, add other links if beneficial to your article.

Finally submit your articles and await a response. Have patience during this process, especially with popular sites. Keep a record of what and where you have submitted. If you’ve heard nothing a polite email may remind the site owner about your article. Best of luck with Guest Posting and remember getting your first article published is always the hardest, but do persevere.