Google, Yahoo and Apple TV have been launched for some time now but haven’t really made the intended headlines just yet. A simple box will plug into your current TV and then you’ll have the huge multimedia choice the internet can provide. No longer will you be restricted by a limited number of channels or timetabled listings but the ability to watch what you want when you want.

Google TV: Brings together the tv, the web browser and the internet with their obligatory search.
Apple TV: Main aim is to stream videos from the Apple Store, YouTube or other online video sources
Yahoo TV: Have partnered with various big name tv manufacturers to have their box inbuilt into specific models. Their TV service will not provide a browser but they want to incorporate video streaming with the best bits of the web like facebook and twitter.

Predictions forecast that within three years time, an impressive 90% of all bandwidth used will be for the use of online video media.

Up until recently it has been games consoles such as the xbox & ps3 leading the way in connecting the internet to our tv’s. This all looks set to change within the coming years with the introduction of a much more interactive hub in our lounges.

Korea lead the way when it comes to the world of Internet TV
. So for an accurate prediction of what we can expect to see in the future it’s the best example to learn from. This article will look at the features currently available within the Korean marketplace and will also look at likely future advancements within this field.

Most of the South Korean population enjoy super fast broad band with speeds reaching 100 megabits per second. With these types of speeds, internet tv comes into its own.

Present and Future Services include:

• Well over 100 regular channels which include many High Definition and 3D channels.
• An enormous amount of Video On demand and a wide selection of bolt on services at a cost.

• Interactivity is a key part of the internet experience and provides a great platform for learning. Students can learn the national curriculum or improve their English. A wide variety of intuitive and engaging services are available.

• You can get hold of the daily newspaper via your tv or subscribe to your favourite magazine from the comfort of your lounge.

• Karaoke and other interactive games are also proving popular

• Internet tv is a great platform for open source features. Amateur content is proving a big hit with examples of sports, news reports and low budget shows

• Tv shopping is set to be big business. The theory will be based around being able to interact with all elements of the viewed content. Films for example will be fully integrated with a selection of shopping options. Perhaps you would like to download the theme tune, order the wallpaper in a scene, get yourself the same clothes as an on screen actor or even order a takeaway specific to the food featured on tv!

One certainty is assured that the world of tv as we know it is set for one of the biggest shake ups ever.