The power of a good domain name shouldn’t be underestimated. The most common conclusions people draw from a domain name is that it must be memorable.
A domain name that is easier to remember is important, although it is not the most important aspect to consider when choosing a domain name.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be this:
Your Domain name should directly link to what it is that you do. Relevancy Rules.

The importance of the above statement is due to the fact that you are going to gain more visitors through search engines than just having a catchy domain name.

Let’s highlight this theory via our made up character, Bob. He owns a shop that sells tropical fish and is looking to expand. Bob understands the importance of having an online shop front so intelligently decides to setup a website. First job; to chose and purchase a domain name.

Here are two examples with explanations: One will highlight how not to choose a domain and the second will highlight how to find the perfect domain name

How NOT to Choose a Name

Bob wants a catchy and quirky name, and after much deliberation settles on:

orangefins dot co dot uk
Now this is all very well and the name he decided on is pretty memorable but you must bear in mind he is setting up a website to find new customers and to expand. His current customers that enter his shop may check out the website as the name stuck in their mind but that’s about it. No one online would search for ‘orange fins’ is they wanted to buy tropical fish.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Now after consulting with his friend who is savvy to the world of SEO and understands the importance of a strong domain name, he learns the correct method of choice.
You should choose a domain name that contains the most popular search phrases that are being used for your target market. With a little research using the Google Keyword Tool, Bob soon learns of the most beneficial words he needs to include within his domain name.
After checking availability with a domain name provider he sensibly settles upon:

ukTropicalfishsaleshop dot co dot uk

His new domain name is now much more likely to appear within the search results for any potential customer who is on the lookout to buy some fish.

Without spending any extra money on Search Engine Optimisation he has successfully increased his online popularity ten fold.