Blogging is a worthwhile activity and can help improve your business reputation and will promote your main website. Blog posts are a great way of staying up to date within your sector. Regular writing looks good and will also help increase your knowledge of important and relevant topics.

Blog posts can serve a double benefit. Many posts can be turned into articles and submitted to article directories. Article directories love to receive original content and in exchange for your writing will trade you high ranking links back to your site. This is Great for SEO Services.

Now, the only minor stumbling block of taking advantage of the benefit of submitting regular blog posts, is finding the time to write.

Consider the points below to make the most of your time:

• Keep a List of blog post ideas. Make sure your list is visible from your desk. This will always keep you thinking about future posts. When you sit down to write a post you’ll find the process to be much quicker. Give an idea time to stew within your sub-conscious.

• Make sure you reward yourself after each significant goal met. This may be a small reward for each blog post or perhaps a larger treat for say a blog post written consistently for x amount of days.

• Write about topics that really interest you. Your enthusiasm will shine through in the content that you produce and will help in motivating you. Try to also find blogs that share a similar topic. Offer to write a guest post or trade articles.

• Make sure you minimise the amount of distractions around when you decide to write. Close Outlook, have the phone off the hook, get rid of Twitter and facebook from your desktop. Sometimes it is easy to forget jus how many distractions are about when trying to find time to write. Fewer distractions will improve your productivity no end.

Clear you’re working space. A cluttered desk will not encourage focused working but act as yet another distraction.

• Make sure you give yourself time to think. Perhaps this would be a walk round the block, sitting in the park or a visit to the coffee shop. Time to think is necessary when trying to come up with inspiration for original writing.

• Set yourself an agenda with specific goals and targets. Share these with friends or family, this will make you feel more obliged to complete the specific writing goal.