The internet is the perfect platform for great content. It can easily be distributed, shared, commented upon, reinterpreted and learnt from. For as long as the World Wide Web has existed, content has driven the cogs of the online world. Search Engines rely heavily upon keywords within content to determine what’s what and categorize all online media into a well structured and easily accessible format.

In more recent times it’s not amazing articles full of great prose that are taking all the limelight. There’s a new player in town and it’s certainly making a name for itself and quickly.

Online videos have seen a rapid surge of popularity within recent times and as it stands the second largest search engine is not, as you might think, Yahoo or Bing but the online video home that is You Tube.

Videos offer something that the best article can’t compete with and this media is developing all the time with the introduction of more interactivity and faster broadband speeds. Video quality and quantity is on the up and shows no signs of slowing down. Videos are able to capture interest in a way that is very beneficial for marketing and advertising purposes.

Business meetings are taking place more frequently where the topic of discussion revolves around how to create an effective and high-flying online video strategy.
The money that was once being spent on print media advertising is now being thrown at the online market. A substantial part of many businesses online advertising campaigns will fall into the sphere of videos and social media.

To achieve a successful online video strategy the following points should be taken into consideration:

• Who’s your target audience?

• Do you have any good content within articles, press releases etc. that can be turned into meaningful videos?

• Try and maintain a consistent style, if all your videos have similar traits you’ll get noticed quicker.

• Don’t be afraid to be outrageous or controversial but always maintain a level of respect to your audience to keep their trust.

• Offer a valuable and helpful service. Tutorials, guides and expert advice are a great way to gain a following. Share your knowledge, don’t let it gather dust. We are in an age of information sharing. If you don’t say it, someone else will.

• Your audience will soon lose interest if your content is blatant marketing. Find a happy medium, weave a small amount of marketing but don’t spam users with adverts and self promotion.

Video SEO is important. Research this topic. You may have great videos but no one to watch them.

• As with the previous point, to help video promotion, take full advantage of the benefits social media has to offer.

• Follow trends and popular culture to add relevance and meaning to your videos.

• Attempt to produce videos that will stand the test of time, sometimes referred to as ‘evergreen’ content.

• Create content that you a truly passionate about. Your enthusiasm will shine through within the media.

• Balance quantity, quality, frequency and consistence.

A Good Online Strategy will help Bolster your Online Reputation and improve your SEO Services