It’s no secret that every author out there wants as many people to read their articles as possible. Many authors will dedicate a lot of time writing informative and illustrative prose, BUT it’s a different story when it comes to publishing and distributing their content.

What is an Article Submission Service Anyway?

This is generally a service you will have to pay for. The basic workings of all services available are simple. Your article will be submitted to many different article directories, saving you the hassle of manually uploading each article yourself. Services vary from computer automated systems to manual input services.

Why would I want my Article posted to many Different Article Directories?

The idea behind article submission services is that you will receive two or more inbound links pointing back at your website or the website you are promoting in return for your content. The theory goes that the more links you gain the more favourably Google and its counterparts will see your site within the search results.

Now this article will require you to make a choice: Either

1) Follow these instructions for finding a Good Article Submission Site


2) Ignore the instructions – and learn why in the final section.

1) Okay, Lets first look at some key factors that you should consider when choosing a submission service:

• If it looks like spam, it most probably is spam! Avoid any sites that continually pester you with pop-up windows even though you just closed the last window. If the service provided was good enough then this type of ‘over-selling’ would definitely not be required.

• Join in a couple of discussions on relevant forums and find out what people are saying about the services available. This is a great source for unbiased advice and up to date information.

• Many reputable services will offer you a month trial or a money back guarantee. Obviously take care with these offers and read the small print before giving you card details over but this is a sign of a company with a good track record.

• Testimonials can give you a good indication, although it is very easy for these to be bogus so be careful and don’t put all your faith into a few customers comments

• Don’t be afraid to get in contact with whoever is providing the service. If they display a telephone number they’re obviously willing to discuss the services available. If there is no telephone number or equivalent be more cautious

• Finally, go with your gut. Not the most scientific advice but once you have carried out some research and feel set on a certain submission service, trust your instincts and go with it.

2) And now for the part of this article which will quite uncharacteristically advise you to ignore all the instructions above!

After in depth research into the topic of the Best Article Directories certain facts have become clear:

• At best there is only a handful of Article Directories that a worth submitting to:
It’s all very well having your article submitted to loads of article directories but you have to consider what you are getting in return. A link from a non-existant PageRanked site is pretty much worthless, regardless of the how many.

• Links from a Directory with the stature of Ezine is thousands of times more valuable than many links from minor directories.

• Google are savvy to duplicate content and an article that has been submitted to hundreds of different directories will get flagged and will lose any credibility. The article will only ever show up on a highly regarded directory and any other links will soon be disregarded. Like a neurone pathway in the brain that isn’t used it will die, so will your links.

• Focus your time on creating original content
. Even consider the money that you were willing to pay submission services for, put towards employing someone to write more articles!

• Choose your top five article directories and focus your attention on them.

A useful resource can be found here: Best Article Directories