Dreamweaver is a piece of software made by Adobe that is very popular with Web Developers the world over. Dreamweaver supports an impressive array of languages, everything from Chinese to Turkish. This software enables the user to create many online applications that require an HTML code behind them. The majority of html is to be found behind the scenes of most websites.

The popularity of Dreamweaver has seen a steady increase in recent years in correlation with internet popularity. More people want to build websites and it is definitely the most popular application available today.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) account for much of the language used within all websites out there today. Dreamweaver provides an interface that will display how the website will look before it goes live. The software is also compatible with JavaScript and a whole selection of third party applications which form the basis of many websites. Dreamweaver has the capabilities to not only build websites but applications for mobile devices.

Only a few years ago the construction of a website would rely on a programmer’s ability to write out the whole structure of a website with little clue as to how it would look. Dreamweaver makes the whole process much more visual. The latest editions of Dreamweaver are so adept that many designers with little knowledge of html language are able to create a fully functioning website with ease.

Dreamweaver was not always an Adobe product. The initial release of Dreamweaver came back in December 1997 and was created by a company called Macromedia. The web development software continued to be made by Macromedia until 2005, when Adobe bought out the company and took charge of the already well known application. At the time Adobe had their own web development software named ‘Go Live’ but this wasn’t a big hit with programmers and they needed software like Dreamweaver to bolster their already impressive computer software collection.

Ever since Dreamweaver has become an Adobe product this web development software has been optimised to work in conjunction with Adobe’s many other products which are very useful. Many Design packages that Adobe offer are easily integrated with Dreamweaver and make for a good working relationship between the design side of websites and the more technical html code of the internet.

Dreamweaver is great for SEO friendly websites and helping provide a great SEO Services. The application makes it is very easy to alter key SEO elements such as page titles, heading tags, alt tags, meta data and anchor links.

Dreamweaver looks set for a promising future as Adobe continue to improve upon the original web development platform, making it more accessible to internet users who may have once been put off by the complex code.