All websites that rank well in the Search results have one thing in common. This shared property is that of Links. An important branch of Search Engine Optimisation is based solely on increasing a website’s link quantity. When the cogs start to turn within the Google search engine, to deliver you with a relevant query to your answer. The results produced have been specifically filtered down to provide you with what Google perceive to be the most important and relevant pages. These pages are ranked, and the order they appear, has a strong weighting to the amount of links each site has.

This concept is known as the PageRank and is Google’s method of organising the mass of information online. One potential floor of this methodology is that the results that are being churned out aren’t always necessarily the most relevant but the most popular. The more often the pages with the most links to appear at the top of the search results, the more and more links they will acquire. The old saying states that ‘Success breeds success’ and this is also very true when we look at link quantity: More Links means more links! Search engines are biased towards page popularity rather than quality content. The challenge of bucking this trend if you’re a new business setting up a website online, is definitely a challenge but not impossible.

The route to the top of the search engine results pages can be achieved via various methods. One of the most important and effective strategies, is one that has been around for the longest: Great Content. If you are able to provide a consistent level of high quality content you’re going to get noticed sooner or later.

Good content will attract organic links. If you can strike the right emotional chord with your website visitors you’ll be rewarded with an increase in links. The first few steps are always the hardest and this is no different when implementing a link campaign. The more links you manage to acquire, the more that will follow and the great wheel of link building will gain momentum!

Don’t limit yourself to just articles but consider all available digital outputs. Use photos, videos, widgets/ tools, even online games are effective at building links.
Think about the type of stuff you link to, I bet its image rich with plenty to grab the attention. Create content that will spark up conversations, opinions and amazement.
Once you’ve got great content, that’s just the first step, you need to make the masses aware of it. Use Social Media, Forums and Blogs to spread the word.

Most of all stick at it! Rome wasn’t built in a day!