LinkedIn is the first choice for many professionals when it comes to business to business sector.

It acts as an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike. If your after a great source of experts and knowledgeable contacts this is the place for you. This purpose built business network will help you find all the right people, whether it’s a new intern or perhaps making contact with industry leaders.

You very likely to come across business orientated people who want to further their skills, knowledge and contacts. Making good connections with users is a must to gain the full benefit that this service can provide. Try and put in the effort, playing an insightful and knowledgeable member of this community will gain you respect and recommendations.

The basic premise of LinkedIn is akin to the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ theory which is also known as ‘The Human Web’. This idea states that you’re never more than six steps from everyone on earth, so six steps of a friend knowing a friend, and so on.

Aside from a clever format of meeting influential and forward thinking business people, LinkedIn also offers discussion groups with the ability to create and join these meeting of minds. This is very useful for getting to know people within your industry and learning about the next new thing.

This social network is strictly business, so you won’t find the irrelevant status updates that tarnish the image of Facebook and Twitter. It may take a while to get used to the format of LinkedIn but it’s pretty easy to pick up and once you get started, you won’t look back. The great aspect of this service is that it’s completely free and you will be assured of professional individuals making intelligent conversations.

It’s possible to set up a group specifically for your business. This is a good place to gain followers and share you expertises. The sharing of useful knowledge is always good practice and this is definitely evident here. When compared to other social networking tools, LinkedIn probably requires the most input. The old saying rings true here, that ‘The more you put in, The more you get out’.

Try and be a helpful and conversant to gain a better reputation and improve your chances of doing business with contacts you acquire online.
The key to LinkedIn success is remembering that it’s a Business Network, and only that.

Be helpful, astute and purposeful.