With the rise of Social Media everyone’s after the most pioneering and original way to target their customers. It is so easy to reach the wide audiences businesses have always craved for thanks to the potential of the internet. The new problem now is how to grab this audience’s attention and hold onto it.
Thinking outside the box is described by some as moving out of your comfort zone to find innovative solutions.
This statement is no different when applied to business. Taking risks and treading the path less trodden will sometimes help break barriers to reach a spark of genius.

Let’s take a look at some inspired ‘outside the digital box’ ideas of recent time.

• Stickybits

Stciky Bits Website

Barcode stickers are the innovative thinking that got the team at Stickybits to use a mobile scanning app to correlate social media content to physical objects or locations. Quite simply you can buy a pack of barcodes and start creating your own personal points of urban interest. Attach a sticker, scan it then post it online and share. Stickybits have so far proved very popular with street art enthusiasts but if this catches on could be huge. www.stickybits.com

• Tabbed Out

Tabbed Out

Forgotten your bank card? No cash? No wallet? Fear not! Well that is if you’ve managed to remember your phone you can take advantage of the forward thinking of www.tabbedout.com. Tabbed Out allows you to first find a pub or restaurant nearby that hosts their service and then simply connect your tab straight to your credit card.
No cash, no problem.
The Next idea is also in a similar vein:

• Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet

In these modern times many people would prefer to be paid in praise and recommendations rather than cash. A good review or testimonial of a product or service these days is priceless, so this clever bit of kit allows owners to sell their goods in exchange for a good old of dose of positive tweeting. www.paywithatweet.com

• Cemetery Surfing

Rosetta Stone

Why just have a limited number of words engraved onto your tombstone when you could have your whole life story available for your mourners or just the curious to download. At www.personalrosettastone.com they have come up with an ingenious way of bringing cemeteries into the digital age. A small tablet can be added to the headstone and visitors will be able to learn about the deceased’s life story via a mobile device.

I hope you can see from the afore mentioned sites that thinking outside the box can bring into creation some marvellous ideas. Get Thinking!