Branding online has vastly more avenues available thanks to the changes of the internet within recent years. To better demonstrate this the past 12 years of internet evolution are briefly touched on below:

• 1998 – Sees the birth of, now the well known world leading search engine
• 2000 – The dotcom bubble and the start of file sharing with the likes of Kazaa and Morpheus
• 2001 – Wikipedia is founded now the biggest source of articles online
• 2001 – Apple brings in iTunes and the iPod
• 2003 – MySpace is begun, Skype offer free calls, even video calls over the internet
• 2004 – Facebook leads the way in a new format to rival MySpace
• 2005 – The video internet portal ‘YouTube’ arrives on the scene
• 2006 – Facebook opens its doors to the world. Filesharing is booming with BitTorrents
• 2006 – The new ‘micro blogging’ of Twitter is launched
• 2007 – The iPhone, new age of smart phones is upon us
• 2008 – Social Media is alive and kicking, 1 out of 8 marriages in USA met online
• 2009 – Most businesses are now represented on all social networking platforms
• 2010 – Google TV launched, Apple TV on the way, internet videos online set to make the TV obsolete.

The rapidly changing landscape of the Internet means that web branding of the future will also have to evolve. Web branding shares many similes to Branding of yester year, the firm basics still remain the same: Simplicity, Brand character, a clear Image of values and most importantly a memorable brand that your customers will hold in high esteem and talk about positively.

Thanks to all these new innovations listed earlier, each brand, if they carry a high quality online social media and internet marketing campaign are going to get their brand seen a whole lot more, in a great deal many more places.

It is apparent that more and more opportunities are opening up for a variety of multi-media web branding. It will not just involve a fancy looking image on a website but will depend on how cleverly the brand can be portrayed in as many different media types as possible.
Creativity and Innovation will be crucial to powerful online web branding of the future.
The brands that have made a worldwide name for themselves in the past are finding the old laws of branding don’t work. For instance figures from 2009 show that media spending for advertisements in newspapers/ TV was down 30% but up the same amount within the mobile and online markets.

Ground breaking, controversial and thought provoking branding campaigns are coming to the forefront. To get a brand noticed within this climate you’ve got to shout very loud and most importantly have a clever message to kick start the social media conversation.

A brand can be likened to a personality. A more colourful, vibrant and flamboyant personality will receive much more attention and intrigue. These qualities are important for a brand to gain maximum exposure but other qualities need to be adhered to also. Trust, Loyalty and Admiration, if these key qualities can be well balanced with the eye catching personality traits; a brand has the foundations for true success and notability.

For a Brand to get noticed in these times requires thinking outside the box and delivering something fresh. It’s an exciting time for Web Branding and the old rules of paper and TV are no more.