These days more than ever before there is an abundance of free advertising options.

There are so many different avenues to go down to help advertise your business many of which are to be found online. The old forms of business advertising like in a newspaper or magazine are of course still as viable but will cost you.
Why bother paying for advertising when they’re so many sources for free advertising online.

If you’re looking to advertise your business and just starting out so perhaps haven’t got the required funds to spend on business promotion, look no further.

The following sections will run through some of the best value advertising:

  • Forums – a great place to start, there is a forum for just about any topic you can think of. Find Forums that relate to your business type, sign up for free and get posting. Most will allow you a signature below each post. Turn this into a link back to your site and hey presto a little free advert for your business every time you post a comment.

  • Facebook – Similar to the forum idea, facebook is a great source of free advertising. Simply set up a business page, fill it full of interesting facts about your company, photos, videos, articles and other relevant information. Then promote it yourself, invite friends and get talking about it. Try to search for well established groups with a decent amount of members, preferably something that interests you or is applicable to you business sector and make interesting posts with links back to your business page which will be packed full of decent information promoting your services. Viola more free advertising.

  • Blogs – Your own blog is a perfect platform for writing up promotional pieces on your business. Don’t just be restricted to text, use video, podcasts, images, visual adverts.
All these different formats can then be posted to appropriate repositories to maximise the amount of coverage each one gets and remember each one is another potential branch linking back to your website. See these methods of free advertising through different platforms.

  1. Send Articles to Ezine, Go articles, associated content etc. more the better to increase your chances of more exposure. Also offer to write on other people’s blogs, this is a good source of extra advertising and potential new custom

  2. Send Videos to Utube, metacafe, yahoo videos etc. once again the more the better as each video will link back to your business website thus increasing the amount of visitors back to your site.

  3. Send your images to Flickr or Picasso, and be sure to add a good amount of text about your business, with more important links back to your site.
    • Twitter – This powerful resource is a great way to further promote all the above features. Use a simple and attention grabbing title with a link for yet another great mode of free business advertising.

    Just briefly other free sources of advertising include the following:

    • Sign up for business directories, there’s no end of then out there

    • A simple comment on others sites and blogs will often mean another valuable link back to your site.

    • Email marketing. Try and put together a well written and appealing email before though so its not seen as instant spam.