This article is an introduction to the much awaited ‘Top 30 Brands in Sheffield, 2010’

The competition was open to Businesses, Local Authorities and any organisation with a significant branding presence in the city. Over 100 local brands have been judged. All organisations are scored on a number of areas including Web Presence, Brand Recognition, Year Established and Brand Design. 

Sheffield  has undergone a major rebranding overhaul over the years.

Brands matter because they’re what people base their decisions on.
Decisions about who to do business with and what to invest in
Brand is the interface between product and consumer.

Brand is substance and feeling.

Brand is reality and a story.

Brand is truth and imagination.

Brand is fact and impression.

The process of re-branding Sheffield has broadened its appeal which challenges the conventional image of Sheffield as ‘City of Steel’ whilst preserving its distinctiveness and the ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand. This brand can be capitalised upon by all businesses in the Sheffield City Region area as long as they meet certain quality criteria.

An up and coming similar brand for Sheffield is the ‘Designed in Sheffield’ this hopes to recognise and acknowledge the importance of design work in the city.Branding interventions made to improve the attractiveness of Sheffield as a destination have greatly increased its appeal as a destination.

Today, Sheffield has a much stronger brand and identity, built on its unique history and character. The city’s character is emerging as multi-dimensional with creative industries contributing to its identity and promotion nationwide.